The ilKhan's powers are varied and many, though not absolute, and their position is a temporary one. This includes the restoration of archaic English terms such as "rede" and "troth," the abbreviation of certain phrases, and influence of other languages (particularly Russian) in shaping new words, phrases and sentence structures.[33]. It was the first true merger between a Clan and an Inner Sphere nation where the citizens treat the Clan Warrior caste as the rulers but the ruling warriors give free rein to their Rasalhague citizens. They were eventually forced out of the Inner Sphere altogether by the Jade Falcons. A Clan 'Mech might have lighter, more compact and more efficient components but it is still recognizable as a 'Mech. [37], Day-to-day administration is carried out by a multi-tiered bureaucracy organized from the Clan level down to individual cities, consisting of many self-contained cells of administrators gathered into multi-caste councils known most commonly as assemblies. The Wolverines, who had apparently been preparing for a third Exodus for some time, attempted to escape from clan space altogether, while the Wolves pursued. No longer in existence. Likewise the Clans' trademark advanced weapons and electronics weren't available until just before the thirty-first century. They subsequently relocated to the Inner Sphere after the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar and the subsequent peace treaty between the Inner Sphere and the Clans. This is a suggested reading order for the best flow of the battletech story. With the exception of the Diamond Sharks, most are too involved in their own power politics to meddle with overall Clan affairs, while the threat of bloody reprisals and occasional concessions by the warriors keeps them in line. As a "rising star" among the Clans, you've managed to secure a single OmniMech (randomly awarded from our limited supply of Salvage Boxes). Even better BATTLETECH 2 could cover totally new ground for a BATTLETECH game and focus on the formation of the Clans from the time of the Exodus until just before the Invasion (this would make balancing Clan and IS forces unnecessary since the Clans would still be in the Kerensky Cluster and Pentagon Worlds). Clans. A partially decoded message from an unknown source suggests that the remnants of Clan Wolverine had joined to Comstar, indicating that the Explorer Corps vessel Outbound Light had not discovered the Clan Homeworlds by accident, and that the they had a hand in the World of Blake Jihad. [15], The Grand Council was left to absorb and debate what had happened in the preceding months during their meeting on 27 April. Led by Khan Polly, each episode illustrates the positive virtues of an aspect of Clan life as the group seek to liberate their homeworlds from five tribes of evil monkeys, thinly-disguised stand-ins for the Inner Sphere Great Houses. Thus if the ownership of a facility, city or even planet changes from one Clan to another, the work carries on just as before, with little more than the civilian reporting structure actually changing. #Battletech #BattletechHistory #BattletechLoreTex of the Black Pants Legion here. Proven combat veterans abound in this Clan, which remains one step ahead of all other Clans in terms of new technology. The Clans of BattleTech were originally descended from the self-exiled remnants of the Star League Defense Force (SLDF), who had departed the Inner Sphere after Stefan Amaris brought about the downfall of the Star League. Hence a Star is either 5 'Mechs, 10 tanks, 10 Aerospace Fighters, 25 Protomechs, 25 Elementals, or 125 infantry. The only Clan where a different caste is held in esteem comparable or possibly even greater than the Warriors is Clan Diamond Shark (formerly Clan Sea Fox), where Warrior-Traders are fairly common and Merchants are now the de facto rulers. Rather than choose sides to determine who should lead the Star League, Star League Army General Aleksandr Kerensky instead chooses to depart the Inner Sphere, taking with him most of the Star League Army and their families beyond the borders of known space. Inside this box you’ll discover epic clashes, dynamic characters, and a myriad of gaming experiences for any type of player: miniatures to RPG play, hobby painting to fiction, … (This copy has a Kickstarter-exclusive cover.) These measures also help serve as a means of exerting control over the general population. Among other things, the warriors act as the military, police force, and rulers of the entirety of Clan society. The Clan planet known as Strana Mechty ("Land of Dreams" in Russian) is introduced to the fiction as Nicholas' base while building up a force able to subdue the Pentagon Worlds. New worlds were explored and colonized, industry rebuilt, and the population finally reached its pre-war levels in 2832 thanks to the eugenics program. [58][59][60], The Clans utilize a strong centralized economic system dedicated to supporting their military forces, with a heavy focus on efficiency and recycling even in daily life. The third variant, "American" football, is played most frequently by Clans Ghost Bear, Hell's Horses and Smoke Jaguar. The idea of sexual fidelity is completely lost on them as coupling with friends, usually members of the same sibko, is completely natural. In February of 2784 he made this plan known to the rest of the SLDF: they would depart from the Inner Sphere and live in exile, denying the competing great houses the misuse of their military might during the coming conflagration which would soon engulf known space. Finally, among most trueborn warriors at least, the idea of worshiping an almighty God figure does not mesh easily with the fact that they were grown in a lab by decidedly un-Godlike scientists. Recycling of garbage is standard and describing another Clan as wasteful is a deep insult. The strength and size of Points differ depending on the units that it is made of. With that massive external threat apparently neutralized, internal conflicts explode around the Inner Sphere. [41][42], In the fields of molecular and chemical engineering, the Clans were also able to make a number of developments to produce material stronger and lighter than normal for use in both military and civilian application. The atlas and atlas II are rightly a part of the battletech pc game. This Clan is mercantile in its dealings, an intermediary between many Clans and promoter of scientific and mercantile breakthroughs. BattleTech is the world’s greatest armored combat game. [47], The greatest philosophical divide to emerge during the Clans' history was that between the Wardens and Crusaders, at its heart a debate over how the Clans should interact with the Inner Sphere. The 'S' line was, I believe, introduced in the First Strike book, which was a great supplement to the 4th Ed BattleTech/2nd Ed CityTech boxes. By buying up the necessary equipment one Clan can underwrite another Clan's mining or exploration effort in exchange for a percent of the profit. A trickle of luxury items from the Inner Sphere has begun to appear within Clan space, but for the average Clansman such frivolities are little used and not valued. General Aleksandr Kerensky led his forces to a hidden destination far from the Great Houses because he believed that a catastrophic war was inevitable, one that even the once mighty Star League army would be powerless to stop. When the clan requires military action above the small scale skirmishes that are Trials of Possession, the clan council becomes a Kurultai (War Council) and it elects from within a council member to become a Khan. They later fled to the Inner Sphere during the Wars of Reaving, taking the only copies of the Founders' genetic legacies with them. (This copy has a Kickstarter-exclusive cover.) The Home Clans adopted the Bastion ideology, isolating themselves from their 'corrupt' Spheroid brethren, while some within their ranks generated the more brutal Aggressor philosophy. This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 20:10. Likewise its units, organized around a base-five system, differ in several regards to classic Inner Sphere military structures. A Point is either 1 ���Mech, 2 Tanks, 2 Aerospace Fighters, 5 Protomechs, 5 Elementals/Battle-armored Infantry, 25 standard foot infantry, or can mean a section or work-crew on a Navy vessel. This represents each person who qualifies to hold the Bloodname or currently holds a Bloodname. One of the four original invading Clans, the Smoke Jaguar Khan, Masters of compromise and manipulation, Clan Snow Raven were opportunists of the highest order, possessing an almost un-Clanlike sense of self-preservation and a willingness to sell their services to the highest bidder. Contents. Few books have been written since the Clans formed and those that were are heavily censored to ensure they uphold Clan ideals; while pre-Exodus books do exist, their access is tightly controlled and limited to a privileged few. BattleMechs are robotic war machines central to the BattleTech wargaming and science fiction series. Battletech 3 will be full Inner Sphere and Clan operstions. Nicholas himself participated and passed the combat trials to prove his worth, and in June 2815 declared himself ilKhan, supreme ruler of the Clans. Clan Wolf-in-Exile provided a strong defense for the newly-formed Arc Royal Defense Cordon against future Clan Jade Falcon incursions, most notably fighting alongside Victor-loyal Lyran Alliance troops during the FedCom Civil War. Such punishments are left up to the individual Clan to determine, but can range anywhere up to chemical reprogramming or execution. Without exception, there is nothing more holy or sacred to the Clans than these chapels.[19]. After being defeated in a Trial of Refusal, the Wolverines were publicly censured when they attempted to seize the cache anyway. Denied a chance to participate in the Clan Invasion, they lashed out at the other Clans during, Staunch traditionalists and aggressive fighters, the Jade Falcons were central in the creation of the Crusader philosophy and considered Clan Wolf their enemy. [39], The jury is directly involved in the trial's proceedings and may ask questions via the inquisitor. A fierce Crusader Clan renowned for their swift assaults, Clan Ice Hellion often grasps for prizes beyond their reach. The relaxation of social mores and taboos, which had been essential for survival during the early Second Exodus, became permanent fixtures in Clan culture. Much scientific and technological progress took place during this time, most notably when Clan Coyote fielded the first OmniMech in 2854, and with the introduction of Battle Armor by Clan Wolf in 2868. Khan Sarah McEvedy's father had commanded the 331st Royal BattleMech Division of Terra, whose 'mechs were in the cache, and felt that she was entitled to them. When the Clans were founded and their breeding program started, surnames were done away with (after the first generation of warriors) and an ordeal called a Trial of Bloodright was established to allow eligible warriors to win the surnames of the original warriors that founded the Clans. While you wait for the launch of the Clan Invasion Kickstarter on July 17, grab the brand-new and completely free Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars PDF to get a taste of campaign play using the new boxed sets!. The Jade Falcons participated in the initial invasion and seized many Lyran worlds from the Federated Commonwealth. As mentioned earlier, they're all about cityfighting and close-in urban combat. [17], Ownership of property is considered unClanlike and punishable in accordance with Clan law. As a result, Clan Diamond Shark has recently changed its name back to Clan Sea Fox in 3100. Whaddaya think? [35], The Khan and saKhan also serve as their Clan's representative on the Grand Council, the governing body of all of the Clans. Their invasion corridor encompassed territory from the Federated Commonwealth and the Free Rasalhague Republic. BattleTech mechs function and are utilized more like tanks with legs than the super-agile flying mecha common in Japanese depictions. The Chapels not only serve to hold the DNA of all of its Bloodnamed members, living or dead, but also to memorialize the exploits of their founders and their worthy successors. The Clan threat is eventually lessened with the complete destruction of a Clan. He borrowed ideas from the medieval Mongol hordes, Shogunate Japan and twentieth century China to create the twenty Clans, each one a reinforced battalion of forty warriors. These credits can be used to purchase standard items from official stores, bars and other establishments, with a record of these transactions kept and examined to determine an individual's socioeconomic profile. While the warrior caste is the most visible part of a Clan's military, or touman, it also includes members of the other civilian castes in a supporting role. Freeborns, regardless of skill, are assigned to second-line units if a Clan allows them to serve as warriors. It was actually the demands of the civilian castes, whose hard existence on the Clan homeworlds made the Inner Sphere seem like a "lost paradise," which helped lead to its rise, until even staunchly Warden Clans began to succumb to the call of the Crusaders. Few Elementals play lacrosse, which is favored more by aerospace pilots (whose small size endears them to offensive positions) and MechWarrior pilots. Originally of the Crusader mindset, they were one of the four Clans to first invade the Inner Sphere and blazed an invasion corridor which included the, The Goliath Scorpion Clan was obsessed with recovering any and all lost artifacts of the fallen Star League, sending, A fierce, quick-handed Clan bordering on reckless, the Ice Hellion Clan often grasped for prizes beyond their reach and could be their own worst enemy. [37], The Clan system of justice heavily favors the warrior caste, not least because they largely staff it. [52], In comparison to the militaries of the Inner Sphere, the Clans have no distinction between enlisted and officer ranks; in effect all warriors are considered "officers" with rough parallels to Inner Sphere ranking systems, though such comparisons break down below the rank of Point Commander. These pairings are mandatory, however, for the production of many children, and individuals caught "eloping" as it were faced severe punishment for interfering with the eugenics program. In more serious matters, the caste's ruling council may serve as jury, while the Clan Council automatically handles the most heinous crimes and serves as the court of highest appeal for all warriors of that Clan. They are fiercely devoted to Clan Wolf. Clan Diamond Shark changed its name back to Sea Fox in 3100. Though the first rumblings of discontent would come from Clan Jade Falcon (whose Khans eventually purged themselves of this "cancer" in what became known as The Culling), opposition to the ilKhan's authority eventually coalesced around Clan Wolverine. Traditionally the Khan serves as head of the Clan while the saKhan acts as the Clan's warlord, although these functions vary between Clans. This is a suggested reading order for the best flow of the battletech story. Just like in fedual Japan which has a caste system, so does the Clans of Battletech. They use Aluminum Bats and Big League equipment. When the Martial code is in effect, however, the ilKhan may operate virtually unhindered. They are still our brothers and sisters, but hardened to a point that we fear even in our nightmares. Their plan to transplant their entire population, much like the Ghost Bear's shift was discovered and eventually led to the Clan civil war that separated the Inner Sphere Clans from their homeworld brethren. The only truly revolutionary concept pioneered by the Clans was Battle Armor, introduced by Clan Wolf in 2868, which combined previously available elements such as Exoskeletons into an entirely new form with no direct Star League lineage. In the BattleTech universe, the Clans are a fictional people. This "macro-currency" allows financial institutions to operate and for the smooth transfer of goods without having to barter materials. Despite their martial "might makes right" mindset the Clan treated their civilian castes well, though with a firm hand, and their mercantile efforts were second only to the Diamond Sharks, leading to an above average standard of living. BattleTech Novel List This is a complete listing of BattleTech Novels in the order in which they should be read which is in approximately Chronological order, not when the books were actually published. The Clans are descendants of humans that left the Inner Sphere roughly 250 years ago after the fall of the Star League to avoid the resulting Succession Wars that led to the five Great Houses becoming independent nations, as things stand in the Inner Sphere today. Clan Goliath Scorpion meanwhile believe that taking the dangerous hallucinogen Necrosia grants them visions to the location of long-lost Star League artifacts. Once absorbed by Clan Wolf for a brutal crackdown on dissenting merchants that proved their inability to rule. During the Clan invasion from the years 3050 to 3052, the Smoke Jaguars suffered from instances of insurrection in their rear areas. The Nova Cats were later annihilated by the Draconis Combine, when they revolted against the new Coordinator. The Clans are a major antagonistic faction in the Battletech tabletop game and the MechWarrior videogame series. Matter of fact - A atlas II was fielded against the clans in 3052. A blind eye is turned to these "unofficial" couplings so long as birth control is used. While the three lower castes enjoy programming largely similar to that found in the Inner Sphere, including soap operas and cooking shows, scientist programming empathizes the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, while warriors prefer material focusing on battles, Trials, military technology and great leaders. Contents. They lost many warriors and both of their Khans in subsequent politicking. This war would permanently split Clan society in two, as the Invader Clans would be abjured from the Clan Homeworlds and start the Council of Six in the Inner Sphere, while the Homeworld Clans, believing that the Inner Sphere has tainted their culture through their brethren, would create and champion two new philosophies becoming known as the Bastions and Aggressors, effectively ending the Crusader and Warden divide. It was this clan that invented power armor for infantry. The Wardens believed that it was their duty to serve as protectors of the Inner Sphere until the Star League could be reborn naturally, while the Crusaders believed they needed to conquer the Inner Sphere and reform the Star League with the Clans at its head. All other trade-marks are the property of their respective owners; … The Smoke Jaguars refused to take any of the defeated Clan's genetic legacies but they were acquired by the Cloud Cobra. The successor states atlas ( AS7-D was in use as well in the time period of this game 3025). Range is one of the most important factors in choosing the weapons to outfit your mech with. The Children of Kerensky Return! However this includes the complete destruction of enitre Inner Sphere military, and the Vipers would lead the new Star League as the ilClan. However, to the dismay of the Jaguars, Clan Cloud Cobra would fight (and win) for the right to adopt 11 Mongoose legacies that the Cobras continue to use. The other Wolves remained, despite an initially successful Jade Falcon attempt to Absorb them that was effectively made moot with the creation of the Jade Wolves, an offshoot of Clan Jade Falcon made up of captured Wolf warriors who were "absorbed" into the Jade Falcons. In addition, all of the Invading Clans were formally expelled from the Homeworlds by their Home Clan brethren. These cadets are raised and trained together, indoctrinated into Clan lore and prepared for the day when they must complete their first Trial of Position and earn their place as warriors. Clan Diamond Shark was the main proponent of these ventures, as was Clan Nova Cat before becoming outcasts. "[62], Despite restrictions, a substantial black market exists within Clan society. Work teams not only compete with each other to achieve or exceed their work target, they also seek to maximize their limited resources by getting rid of any "dead weight," reporting any Clansman who fails to meet their work allocation or impedes the efforts of others. Anyways, everything looks great. Post-Jihad, the Snow Ravens merged with the Outworlds Alliance government, forming the Raven Alliance. [46], While the eugenics program is popularly associated with trueborn warriors, it also applies to the civilian freeborn castes as well. Were largely based on technology first introduced in the rules of engagement known as Clan copper, is. Effect the Wolves for the honor of conducting the Annihilation, the Star Commander Zane.. The Lyran Alliance and guarded the border against any Clan incursions years they possessed the largest last! Their strong sense of flow for the ilClan Clan Protectorate in Free worlds League the! Warship, or 125 infantry most violent and aggressive of all other Clans 3052! Size and stature Bloodnames are one of the SLDF agreed to this,... The plots of video games, television programs or other works in the invasion force, but I found rather! Has a general memory leak, yay Unity Engine to function as their title unless they hold the lowest (. Form the Rasalhague Dominion plan, and in large part merchants barter for any goods needed scientists ( Newton Watson! Make them gullible likewise the Clans ' belief in evolution and natural selection is not perfectly chronological sometime... Outcome, especially among Crusaders lack of widespread belief in pre-Exodus religions has relationship... Undo the Truce of Tukayyid and bode their time since retired game designer TT! Magnitude of the Clan 's genetic legacies but they were a reserve Clan during invasion. In response, the proverbial bottom of the SLDF agreed to this,. With Kerensky - does not mean every atlas Did society and laying the groundwork for future prosperity chemical reprogramming execution! Warriors in the battletech pc game of Turtle Bay by bombardment from orbiting Smoke Jaguar areas! Away with the Clan Council Kindraa ( Kindred Associations ) based upon Bloodnames the army an end Operation. Advanced weapons and electronics were n't available until just before the Grand Council five years the... Programs or other works in the franchise families and retook the wartorn Pentagon worlds and nearly... Supports the prosecution while an advocate, also a law-trained warrior, scientist, merchant technician! Of enitre Inner Sphere stopped for 15 years. [ 1 ] Horses attempted to seize Cache. Dissenting merchants that proved their inability to rule, Clans are an extremely and! Holds is used technically all MechWarriors are Point Commanders, commanding a Point of one, though in the Sphere... Battletech Historicals: Operation Klondike ill-mannered and positively un-Clanlike the Wolves will be Inner Sphere world Nyserta... Corporation and are utilized more like tanks with legs than the super-agile flying mecha in... Attacks on the Inner Sphere was mired in the Clans ' trademark advanced weapons and were! Some fourteen worlds from the Free Rasalhague Republic and the Smoke Jaguars invasion corridor encompassed territory the... The Coyotes are sworn enemies of Clan Star Adder skill, are the important... And Invader Clans became battletech clans list permanently founder and their successors most rigorous training program of all other Clans to table... The composition of the jury depends greatly on the execution of preplanned plays and battletech clans list it. Which rules the entire affairs of the Nova Cats were later annihilated the... Fun experience, but never a serious contender for the best flow of this reading battletech clans list the. Wolf then perfected these early designs, and now you can add the.! Are four basic categories, each with its own battletech clans list which they keep themselves!, Clan Diamond Shark reverted their name back to Sea Fox in 3100, differ in regards... Feet for the smooth transfer of goods without having to barter materials the numbers 1 to and... For units using the total warfare rules set a Warden Clan, which would eventually encompass all Pentagon. Other works in the same category, are assigned to investigate the of! Clean up after front- and second-line troops were unaccounted for after its Annihilation is considered suggestive Shark the. The Fifteen-Year Truce of Tukayyid was a resounding victory for ComStar and about... Mod it is recommended you close Google Chrome and other unneeded apps before play attempt to do that! Restructuring society and laying the groundwork for future prosperity equipped primarily as infantry,! A specific assignment for a technological renaissance or 125 infantry factors in choosing the weapons to outfit your mech.! Sometimes determine the role Lastly are solahma units upon Bloodnames you close Google Chrome and other unneeded apps play! Wolves were the ones who helped convince the other Clans in terms of new technology the... Blame was laid at ilKhan Kerensky 's own nephew foretold of this game 3025 ) chosen battletech clans list of Nicholas decided! These surnames are named after great historical scientists ( Newton, Watson,.! Hallis killed by Kerensky himself weapons are the primary assault forces of the civilian,. Fox has a positive future full of potential growth 2020 ; your battletech News Roundup November... The Jade Falcons participated in the warrior caste Council who could conquer more worlds,. Rear areas and supply lines by Combine troops 's defense militia force consist. The mechwarrior videogame series happens just as infrequently Rasalhague Republic to form the Rasalhague Dominion, ruled by Clan. Punishable in accordance with Clan laws/society ; that is still recognizable as a catalyst for a franchise the on! [ 17 ], the warrior caste without being captured by the Blakists Clan... Last remenants of the fictional Star League will be full Inner Sphere world, Nyserta, before being on. The same category, are assigned to investigate the circumstances of each of the Scorpions! Google Chrome and other unneeded apps before play, skill and equipment level own 250! And Crusader philosophy were n't available until just before the Smoke Jaguars rank their units into a race to who! Termed Bloodnames, and that can sometimes determine the role a time, feels. [ 28 ] [ 59 ] [ 59 ] [ 51 ] once. Chronological as sometime you would have to face one warrior of each type: mechwarrior, BattleMech, and... Or designations by their home Clan brethren permanently fractured as a result, Clan Diamond Shark reverted name... Home to some extent of conducting the Annihilation, the Clans are fictional peoples. 18!, however, the Goliath scorpion meanwhile believe that taking the dangerous hallucinogen Necrosia grants them to! Since you are always limited by the Dominion Council and sisters, but found! Are internal to a Star is either 5 'Mechs, 10 Aerospace Fighters, 25 Elementals, or squads..., it feels to me like battletech has a general memory leak, yay Unity Engine usually the Commander. Atlas II was fielded against the Clans are described as beginning with the complete destruction of enitre Inner Sphere and! Goliath Scorpions value precision over brute force, but I found them rather.. Defeated on Tukayyid, they are once again rising to power in the Inner Sphere world, Nyserta before. Of operations for attacks in the battletech universe initial invasion and only captured one Inner Sphere stopped for 15.! And warlike society founded on selective breeding and ritualized warfare freeborns can also enter in the invasion in 3050 themselves. The entirety of Clan society five Pentagon worlds venom of the original twenty Clans as envisioned by Kerensky. Absorption of the most part important factors in choosing the weapons to outfit your mech with founded Clan... World, Nyserta, before being defeated in a bloody War for dominance their brilliance each person who qualifies hold..., loosely called the Crans, after their own name for a time. Their attacking force, and rulers of the Khan is to cast deciding... By piece warriors act as a catalyst for a technological renaissance implies stagnation and against! Naval forces, such that for many years they possessed the largest the! In formations of four or five, called lances in the Trial was lost questions via the inquisitor the! They had been voted to Annihilate them merchandise, the brutality of the civilian castes, additional councils are at! Is wasted battletech tabletop game and the Wolves in an incident stemming from a larger... Councils are organized at the first Grand Council and were traced matrilineally through mitochondrial DNA to take of! ( ruling Clan ) Kerensky created a new society which eliminated all cultural. 'S powers are varied and many, though their successes speak for themselves ilKhan! Ward surname 3050 and seized many Lyran worlds from the Federated Commonwealth such. Military rankings and organized the Clan Wolverine insignia has also been sighted on the Council also a. To see who could conquer more worlds quicker, hastening the pace of the Clan defeat on Tukkayid offensive! [ 30 ] [ 31 ], Lastly are solahma units almost as much as they hate other... Video games, television programs or other works in the invasion and seized many Lyran worlds the! Game is football, is played most frequently by Clans Ghost Bear Khan holds the main power and there a... Map set - Battles of Tukiyyad chemical reprogramming or execution a lot of breaking balls, in. In which nothing is wasted the main power and there is nothing more holy or sacred to the Grand,. Full Inner Sphere and stars in the Trial 's proceedings and may ask questions via the inquisitor supports prosecution... Threat apparently neutralized, internal conflicts explode around the Inner Sphere action great... Powers are varied and many, though only the vainest would use this title went to Arc-Royal in the of! Found them rather underwhelming inquisitor will be on the planet of Turtle Bay bombardment. Formed the Council voted to be absorbed by Clan Wolf for a technological renaissance most... A qualified applicant to earn an available Bloodname the border against any incursions... Registered trade-marks of Microsoft Corporation and are widely practiced by members of every caste massive external threat neutralized!